Please watch the webinar replay above. We have a special offer for anyone who has purchased the Ultimate Traffic Boost below. This is available to the first 50 buyers only and some places already have been claimed.

This is a very special offer for customers of Ultimate Traffic Boost and is limited to 50 buyers only. We can not supply more than 50 people with this amazing offer so do not pass it up...


COST $497

Leads Pass Up

This is a new hidden section within Ultimate Traffic Boost. It allows you to collect pass up leads.

What are pass up leads? you may ask

Well this is how it works...

Let's say for example that you referred 100 users to the Ultimate Traffic Boost system via your referral links.

And of those 100 users that you referred, they themselves also went on to refer 100 users each, that would be a total of 10,000 leads coming in via your original pass up referral link.

As a 'Leads Pass Up' user you would then receive 20% of all those leads so 2,000 brand new leads for doing absolute nothing extra on your part.

Using this new add on you get free leads from everyone you refer to Ultimate Traffic Boost in your downline.

COST $997

Ultimate Visitor Package

Now everyone wants more leads!

So we wanted to be able to offer 50 buyers 10,000 visitors per month for one year. So each month you will get 10,000 visitors added to your account.

The visitors can be rolled over if you dont use them. But it means you have a huge supply of leads to be able to use for your own offers or inside the Ultimate Traffic Boost.

Total of 120,000 leads can be yours with this upgrade.

COST $1997

Ultimate Training Package

Richard and Paul have over 35 years combined marketing experince online and with this six week training they are going to share it all with you.

In this six week training there will be a call each week where Richard and Paul will go over Ultimate Traffic Boost and how to use it to your advantage.

How to build leads, get conversions and more will be covered in this six week intensive training.

This is not to be missed.